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Cancer reading and planetary transits for
the week of September 1, 2013.


At this time second house considerations may be tinged with emotion and we may feel much attached to our possessions. But more likely, our possessions and income level may be an attempt to fill some emotional void.

Of course, Cancer, no one wants to feel financially destitute, but we should examine the underlying motivation behind spending and acquisition at this time. What do these acquisitions represent to us on an unconscious level? This is not usually a good time to go on an emotional spending spree, but could be good for finding out what it is we are really trying to buy with our spending.

September 4, 2013

When the Moon transits the third house we may expect our communications with others to take on emotional overtones. This may help us to communicate on a deeper feeling level with those close to us. This could be particularly useful in intimate relationships.

Siblings may come into play here, Cancer, and if we experience problems we should be sure that these issues do not stem from sibling rivalry from our past. Clear the air, but do so gently if you do experience such difficulties. This does not mean there will be a problem, but you should be aware just in case.

Unconscious habit patterns of response could create a problem if we speak before we think, Cancer. This most often shows up in relations with people we have contact with on a regular basis. Sometimes, in these instances, we react on "auto-pilot" and can inadvertently cause friction with those in our daily lives.

September 6, 2013

This indicates a time when we are in "home-body" mode and a time when we may withdraw to our homes to relax or to do some puttering around the house. We can, and should, use this time for self-examination. The fourth house is one of the houses associated with the subconscious/unconscious mind as well as our past – the home we grew up in. This could be an aid to reviewing our past, Cancer, and to determine how much influence this still has on us today.

We may not wish to be alone right now, but a little bit of solitude at this time is often beneficial. We do not have to spend all of our time alone, however, as this is also a good time to interact with the family. You will probably want to feel more emotionally connected now.

Since the Moon is connected to habitual behavior and the fourth house is representative of our early home life, this is a good time for self-examination. If we discover problems this is a good time to correct them, so do attempt to set aside some time for yourself, Cancer.

This is the Moon's natural house and the natural sign on this house is Cancer. This should remind us that even though we may want to be emotionally connected at this time, we should avoid the negative side of this which is clinging to those we love. People that feel suffocated often have a desire to flee.

The fourth house was traditionally linked to the mother, although some associate this house with the less dominant parent today. So this may indicate a time when we have closer contact with this parent. Although this is a neutral manifestation, it might indicate clearing up a problem from the past or merely a time when we feel a closer bond with this parent.

September 8, 2013

With the Moon transiting the fifth house we are likely to see greater emotional intensity in our intimate relationships. This is fine as long as we remember to avoid becoming overly possessive. Romance may, however, be a rich and rewarding emotional experience for you, Cancer. Just be sure to remember that they are your emotions and not your partner's that you are feeling. You may want to check to see if they feel the same way.

The fifth house is also considered the house of children and they may take on even greater significance now as the nurturing qualities of the Moon seek expression. The caution, Cancer, is to not be overly-protective to the point of stifling growth.

Artistic/creative self-expression could be a source for emotional outlet at this time. The Moon has been observed to be prominent in the charts of writers. Maybe you want to consider starting that novel you have been thinking about? However, lunar transits are fast so you will need far more indications than this transit to finish the work. But any creative hobby could prove to be an emotionally gratifying outlet at this time.

September 11, 2013

The Moon may not feel too comfortable here in the house of health and work and service to others. We may feel the need to smother our emotions in the work environment, but this should not take on the proportions of emotional repression. We all have emotions; we just need to learn to express them in an appropriate manner and this is certainly important in our work-day life.

Lunar transits are so rapid that you probably will not experience a health problem, Cancer, but this should point out to all of us the connection between body and mind. Repressed emotions can lead to health problems if we continually swallow our emotions. Deal with the issues appropriately, Cancer, and you minimize risks to your health over the long-haul.

At this time we may feel a closer bond with co-workers. If we do experience problems at work now, we should check our responses and see if there is any connection to our past that may be influencing us to respond inappropriately.

September 13, 2013

When the Moon transits the seventh house we will see relationships imbued with even more emotionalism than usual. This need not be negative, Cancer, but often is due to our own insecurities and habitual unconscious reaction patterns which, during this time, may be used against us. If faced with relationship difficulties at this time, be certain that reaction patterns are not linked to the past and clouding the present situation.

Emotional intensity will usually mark this transit, Cancer, for good or ill. Dealings with our loved ones may be on a much deeper level as long as we avoid possessiveness, but dealings with enemies will be emotionally charged as well.

Most of us have a desire for relationships with others, but we should all endeavor to find security within ourselves. This can take the pressure off our relationships as we then enter into them through desire rather than need. We will normally desire more closeness with our loved ones now, but this also gives us the opportunity to examine our motives concerning these relationships.

September 15, 2013

The eighth house is Pluto's natural house and one of the keywords for Pluto is intensity. This will intensify the emotional reactions of the Moon during this transit. Added to this we have some very emotionally charged issues represented in the eighth house – money and sex = power. Remember also, Cancer, that this is one of the houses of the unconscious and responses here, as with the Moon, may be linked to our past.

This could manifest as emotionally gratifying unions with our intimate partners, but sometimes these issues can lead to difficulties. If problems should arise, Cancer, we should attempt to look within ourselves for these answers instead of immediately placing the blame on others. The emotionally charged issues of sex and money can act as doorways or catalysts to self-examination of our expectations and needs. This could act as an aid to transformation – another keyword for Pluto. This transformation could help us to feel more control over our responses, Cancer, and actually that is all we can control anyway.


The third house represents communication, our immediate environment, siblings, close relatives, neighbors, early education and so forth. At this time, communications with these people may become energized in some way. Short journeys are included in the third house so we may be doing a bit more traveling at this time as well. Cancer, you may also consider studying a new subject or take advantage of continuing education for some reason. Communication could include writing or possibly electronic communications of some sort. Some consider the third house to be associated with commerce, so we might also see more activity here.


This is one of Mercury's natural houses, the other being the sixth house, so Mercury may operate with a bit more intensity here.

Communications of all sorts will be amplified, Cancer, and this would include communications with siblings, neighbors and close relatives. Some astrologers link the third house with commerce, so communications or planning along these lines may come into focus as well.

The third house is associated with the immediate environment, so we may experience more short-distance travel at this time, Cancer. Early education is symbolized here, so we may adopt new intellectual pursuits now, or possibly communicate to others our newfound interests.

September 9, 2013

The fourth house concerns our domestic scene, the home we grew up in, our past, the home we wish to make for ourselves as adults, and the less dominant parent in our lives. Mercury transits of the fourth house will focus our attention on the domestic scene, so we may experience a desire to withdraw from the outer world to examine this area of our lives. This need not be negative, Cancer, it is just that presently we tend to be focused on more personal concerns, especially those concerning our family and the past.

If you should experience a problem, Cancer, it may be prudent to see if this has a connection to your past in some way. If so, this could be the key to resolving any issues that may surface now.

Contact or communication with the parent symbolized by this house may also be part of our focus now, Cancer. This may indicate a degree of ease in our communications with this parent during this transit.


The fourth house represents the domestic sphere; the home we grew up in, the home we wish to make for ourselves as adults, the past, and the less influential parent in our development.

The transit of Venus through the fourth house indicates a time when we can really relax at home or may be a time when we may want to throw a party and invite our friends into our homes. This might also be a time, Cancer, to decide to remodel our home. Even though we may not undertake the work now, as we may feel too peaceful, it may be a good time to plan future renovations. Whether we throw a party or spruce up the house, we should be cautious of over-indulgence and over-spending.

This may indicate an easy time with our parents, Cancer, and particularly the parent represented by this house. This could be an indication of a good time to take a vacation with our parents and family, or possibly have them come visit us for awhile.

September 11, 2013

The fifth-house interests include romance, children, artistic/ creative self-expression, financial speculation and gambling. This is the area of the chart where we like to play.

When Venus transits here, Cancer, we may be a bit more interested than usual in having a good time. We may have an interest in expressing ourselves creatively, at least at the level of a hobby. As usual though, Venus may not afford the drive to do anything seriously long-term if we do not have the drive, as Venus in the fifth house indicates our primary interest is to enjoy ourselves.

This is also a time when we may enjoy our children more than usual. We should get along with children quite well now and feel more loving toward them.

Where creativity is concerned, Cancer, if we are not creatively inclined ourselves this could indicate a time when we are more capable of appreciating the creativity of others, usually in the form of music or art.

Financial speculation could bring monetary gain now as could a little gambling but, as with all Venus transits, it would be wise to be careful about expenditures along these lines as you could always lose.

Romance is normally given a boost with this transit, Cancer, and quite often we are more romantically and socially inclined than usual. If we are already involved, this could indicate a time when we are more romantic with our partner.


At this time material possessions and money issues may take up a good deal of our interest and we may feel frustrated or energetic in our approach to these issues now. If we feel we need more, we are likely to put a good deal of energy into acquiring more of what we want. If we feel our possessions are adequate, we may put them to use for gaining even more, perhaps by expanding a current venture and so forth. Spending now may not be wise unless we keep the impatience of Mars in check, Cancer. This may be a time when we spend merely to gratify our ego, so be aware of this tendency and avoid uselessly squandering your resources now.

Personal values are also a second-house issue and this may be a time to share these values, as well as our assets, with others. Be careful in your approach to this as it could lead to clashes. Others have a right to their value system, too.

At this time you can put a good deal of energy into second- house concerns, Cancer. The caution is to examine the motivation behind using this energy and avoid thoughtlessly squandering what we have and depleting our resources.

Some personal talent or gift we have may also be brought into play now that might be financially beneficial to us. Whatever the case, Cancer, be sure to keeps Mars' energy in check and you can use it to further your second-house concerns constructively.


This is generally a good time for pursuing personal interests. We will seem more confident and generous and this magnanimous spirit quite often draws the support we need with very little effort on our part. This is the beginning of a growth cycle for us, Cancer, as well as indicating a phase when we are learning and what we learn, and the people we attract to us, can prove to be quite beneficial indeed.

We tend to make a favorable impression on others now, Cancer, and this marks a time when most people will feel rather self- confident. We should avoid selfishness now, but for most people this will not be a problem, as this transit usually indicates a time when most people feel rather generous. And when others see this inclination in us, Cancer, it tends to cause them to look upon us favorably, thereby earning their trust and support.

Barring any conflicting transits this is, for most people, a time of greater equilibrium when we can draw people and resources to ourselves with greater ease. This is because of our self-confidence and openness to others, Cancer, as well as our generosity. Although the first house is more of a personal-interest area of the chart, our willingness to be open with others and our sense of generosity often brings us the support of others that ultimately benefits us on a personal level.

Keep in mind this is one of the Jupiter transits often associated with unwanted weight gain!


I tend to refer to the fifth house as representing how we like to play. Saturn obviously is not conducive to play, but rather to where we need to put forth effort and apply ourselves. With this in mind, Cancer, we should not expect to be feeling too playful with this transit.

We may be called upon to put forth effort where any fifth- house issue is concerned. Children could be more burdensome now for any number of reasons. This could include their health, college tuition, or perhaps we are just having problems relating to them now.

This is also the house of gambling and financial speculation. Needless to say, Cancer, since Saturn requires effort to prosper, this is not normally considered a good time for such activities. There is the distinct possibility that you could lose your shirt!

Where Saturn pertains to romance, this is often an indication of a larger than normal age difference between the persons in question. Also, these affairs may be fraught with difficulties but could prove to be opportunities for us to learn something about ourselves. These relationships may also be more somber, but have the added attraction of being formed on practicalities. This may not sound particularly romantic, but does add to the possibility of an enduring union if we can get over the hurdles.

The fifth house is also the house of artistic/creative self- expression. Now, admittedly, we may not be all that enthusiastic about tackling something we consider fun right now. But if we have been considering expressing ourselves in this manner, this transit can give us the discipline to master the basics so that we can give ourselves a strong foundation for our endeavors later. That is to say, Cancer, the hard work can be accomplished now so that our efforts at creativity will become easier and much more enjoyable in the future.

We may not feel all that sociable at this time, but we should avoid this tendency when we can. Saturn, just as Jupiter does, can offer us learning experiences. The difference is that Jupiter symbolizes learning with ease, whereas Saturn requires us to put forth effort in order to benefit from this influence. If we isolate ourselves we may spare ourselves the conflict inherent with interacting with others, but we also fail to allow ourselves the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, and others, that we gain through interacting with them.

This transit may not be very pleasant but, as with all the transits of Saturn, the ultimate goal is to direct our attention to where we can learn something. This is how Saturn encourages us to teach ourselves and through this process add to our sense of inner-security.

Retrograde July 17 Until December 17, 2013

Tenth-house issues include our professional life, career, and how we wish to be seen in the public eye. With this transit, Cancer, we want to be in touch with our unconscious in this regard as anything we fail to acknowledge or deal with that is bothering us could potentially cause problems in this area now.

For some people, Cancer, this transit can prove to be extraordinarily beneficial in our career and public life. New opportunities may become available to us, seemingly from out of the blue. This may indicate a time of initiating new endeavors professionally or new methods to improve productivity and efficiency. This might indicate a promotion or rise to power and more authority.

This could, however, for some natives, indicate a fall from grace. Events may catch up with us seemingly from out of nowhere. We may clash with authority figures now or lose or leave our jobs. This may be an indication of striking out into a whole new field of endeavor and, although risky, this may be what we need to do if we want to be happier in the long run.

Uranus is attempting to get us to examine this area of our lives and to be honest with ourselves, Cancer. If our job has become deadening, or we work under what we feel are repressive conditions, the urge for change in this area will be strong now. Be honest with yourself, for if change is called for it is likely to be much less disruptive if we initiate the change ourselves rather than have fate thrust it upon us.


This is a favorable time to observe the changes in the world around you and to assess the impact these changes may have upon you on a personal level. This period of review may help you to adjust your course if the changes taking place around you seem to be impeding your progress, or may block it in the future. Observe and plan for now and postpone any changes until Uranus turns direct again.

Retrograde Until November 13, 2013

The ninth house is considered the house of higher education, among other things. With Neptune's transit of this house, the education is often in the sphere of religion, metaphysics, or our own personal philosophy about life.

Now we tend to be questioning our attitudes and perspectives we previously held and opening ourselves to differing viewpoints along these lines. We may feel a sense of loss of equilibrium now because what we once held valid may no longer suit our purposes, but these new perspectives entering our lives now may not seem concrete enough to replace them.

This is a time for patience, Cancer, as we might be feeling insecure in this area now and experiencing a bit of instability concerning these issues in our lives. We can open ourselves to a much broader philosophy of life if we allow these different perspectives into our lives now. This transit, as all of Neptune’s transits, takes several years so there is no rush at coming to conclusions now.

Remember, Cancer, that even though your views may change, other people are still entitled to their beliefs; when this transit is over try to avoid the pitfall of pushing your new-found perspective onto others.


This is a time when we are advised to try to tune into our unconscious mind and examine what we find lying there. Assess your fears or any illusions you may be laboring under and try to ground them in reality in order to deal with them more effectively. Anything that leaves us feeling we are in a state of confusion should be dealt with also. Assess also if this may be connected to what is going on in the world around you.

Endeavor to use your energy in a positive and productive manner and avoid escapism of any sort. Although Neptune is nebulous, we need to strive for clarity now in order to keep from deceiving ourselves and to deal with any issues confronting us in a practical manner.

Retrograde Until September 20, 2013

This is another transit where Pluto's intensity and transformative powers will influence our relationships. In marriage this may indicate that hidden tensions come boiling to the surface and have to be dealt with now. This could be a similar situation in business partnerships as well. These relationships may need to be transformed and could involve some rather intense power struggles. Some relationships may end during this time but those that survive will be stronger for the effort.

Consultants of any type may have a transformative influence on us now and if we are experiencing difficulties, this could be a good time to seek out the advice of such individuals. We may be more open to their influence now and their counsel may prove highly beneficial during these trying times.

This is also the house of open enemies, Cancer, and these could become particularly vexing at this time. Be as prepared as possible for any and all tactics to be used against you by such people now. Do not, however, resort to similar tactics in retaliation. Pluto’s energy can get out of hand now, and by using underhanded tactics we may open the floodgates for similar tactics to be used on us in return. This is why it is imperative with Pluto transits to keep our dealings aboveboard. Besides, those using dastardly tactics against us may very well have them backfire on them if you refuse to take the bait and keep to the moral high ground. Also, it may be wise to avoid court cases now if at all possible.

This transit can teach us much about how we deal with others if we allow it to do so, Cancer. Take personal responsibility now for how others respond to you. You may not be as blameless as it would at first appear. Pluto is related to the eighth house, which is one of the houses of the unconscious. Perhaps we are causing people to respond to us in a hostile manner in ways we may not even be aware of.


As usual with any retrograde planetary motion, this is a time to step back and review our endeavors and to reassess what direction we are taking and just what it is we wish to accomplish. This is a favorable time to evaluate our progress toward our goals, but also to determine how these objectives may benefit others as well. We need to become aware of how we not only influence our own lives, but the lives of others, too.

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