December 22 – January 19
Solar Chart House Transits
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Capricorn reading and planetary transits for
the week of September 1, 2013.


The eighth house is Pluto's natural house and one of the keywords for Pluto is intensity. This will intensify the emotional reactions of the Moon during this transit. Added to this we have some very emotionally charged issues represented in the eighth house – money and sex = power. Remember also, Capricorn, that this is one of the houses of the unconscious and responses here, as with the Moon, may be linked to our past.

This could manifest as emotionally gratifying unions with our intimate partners, but sometimes these issues can lead to difficulties. If problems should arise, Capricorn, we should attempt to look within ourselves for these answers instead of immediately placing the blame on others. The emotionally charged issues of sex and money can act as doorways or catalysts to self-examination of our expectations and needs. This could act as an aid to transformation – another keyword for Pluto. This transformation could help us to feel more control over our responses, Capricorn, and actually that is all we can control anyway.

September 4, 2013

The transit of the Moon through the ninth house may mark a period of restlessness for us. This may be more of a mental or spiritual restlessness rather than an urge for travel. A new area of study may come to our attention that offers emotional gratification, Capricorn, but this could also be a time when our religious or spiritual pursuits may offer the same sort of satisfaction.

September 6, 2013

The tenth house is related to our career and our public image. This may be a time when we are more emotionally in tune with those we come in contact with in our career. Keep in mind that emotions are on public display at this time as well, Capricorn, so any displays of emotion you may want to ensure are appropriate for the moment. This may be a time when we reveal more about ourselves through emotional reactions than we wish to.

The tenth house also represents the dominant parent and could indicate some interaction with this parent at this time. Since career is tied in here, we might also find ourselves questioning whether our choice of career was to please ourselves or to inadvertently gain the approval of a parent.

September 8, 2013

The eleventh house contains friends, professional organizations, and our hopes, wishes and goals in life. With the Moon transiting the eleventh house we may find our emotions coming into play in any of these areas. As always, Capricorn, watch for inappropriate emotional responses and, as with all transits of the Moon, this could be an indication of females or at least one woman playing a larger role in this area now.

This could be a time of connecting with friends on a deeper level, Capricorn, and further strengthening the bonds between us. It could also indicate a time when we are apt to examine our goals, dreams and objectives to find how to better make these dreams a reality, or to determine if they are unrealistic after all.

In any of these areas, Capricorn, as with all lunar transits, we should watch for emotional responses that stem from our past and may have little to do with the present situation. This will almost guarantee an inappropriate response to the present moment. If this should be the case, do not despair, Capricorn. As with all transits of the Moon, this can give us a window into the past so that we can adjust our behavior and responses to the present moment and free ourselves from negative response patterns.

September 11, 2013

When the Moon transits the twelfth house we may feel a bit uneasy and the reason for this can actually be quite beneficial if we take advantage of it. The twelfth is one of the houses that symbolizes the subconscious/unconscious mind as well as where we find characteristics about ourselves that we tend to repress. Along with the Moon representing the past, this affords us a great opportunity.

This transit can be used for self-examination of all the issues we tend to hide from others as well as ourselves. If we look at these characteristics we can find ways to enable expression of these traits to our benefit and add more to our lives. We probably will not feel very sociable at this time, but that can help us withdraw a bit for the self-examination that can be so beneficial now. Anything we have lurking in our subconscious or try to repress has a tendency to trip us up. With this transit, Capricorn, we may find what these stumbling blocks are and find more appropriate ways to deal with them.

Relationships with women may be a bit touchy now, Capricorn, but do not overlook the possibility of a female helping us, in the role of a confidante, to resolve some of these issues we come across here.

September 13, 2013

Whereas the Sun's transit of the first house makes for a healthy self-centeredness and assessment of our own personal goals, the Moon's transit of the first house acts on an emotional level. The Moon's transit of the first house stimulates us to be emotionally connected to friends and loved ones but, Capricorn, we must be aware of our underlying motives. We can be very sympathetic to the needs of others, but can also be very demanding in an emotional sense. Insecurities may come into play here and make us feel a bit needy or even a bit panicky. We all like having a support system, but we must learn that ultimately our security lies within ourselves.

Be supportive and seek support from others if you feel you need it at this time, Capricorn, just be sure to balance the scales. Others want the same support when they are in need, too.

September 15, 2013

At this time second house considerations may be tinged with emotion and we may feel much attached to our possessions. But more likely, our possessions and income level may be an attempt to fill some emotional void.

Of course, Capricorn, no one wants to feel financially destitute, but we should examine the underlying motivation behind spending and acquisition at this time. What do these acquisitions represent to us on an unconscious level? This is not usually a good time to go on an emotional spending spree, but could be good for finding out what it is we are really trying to buy with our spending.


The ninth house includes higher education, the higher courts, religion, philosophy, ethics, long-distance journeys, publishing, foreigners and so forth. When the Sun transits the ninth house, it is these issues that we may expect to be highlighted.

This could indicate a time when we might consider furthering our education as well as publishing something we are knowledgeable about. Journeys undertaken at this time, Capricorn, are likely to be of good distance and possibly outside the borders of our native country. These trips, in all likelihood, will teach us something about other people, cultures and languages, even if that may not have been our original intent. This is a good time for learning or deciding to take up the study of something we find interesting. Dealing with foreigners may lead to business efforts in the import/export trade.

Religion or metaphysical studies may pique our interest at this time and we may also have dealings with the law for some reason.

We are inclined to be more active at this time, just as the third house opposite this house deals with travel but, usually in the ninth house, over much longer distances. Capricorn, this is a time to open our minds to what the world around us might teach us.


When Mercury transits the ninth house, any or all of the issues contained here may come to the fore and pique our interest. This includes higher education, the law, religion, philosophy, ethics, and foreign countries and their inhabitants. In-laws are also included in the ninth house.

This could be a time to begin the study of any new interest, Capricorn. This also tends to aid communication and we are usually more open to differing viewpoints at this time. Travel could also come into play now, Capricorn, and often becomes a learning experience of sorts.

This may have the effect of opening the mind and expanding our horizons. We can aid this by exposing ourselves to new subjects and people at this time. We will tend to be more tolerant now, Capricorn, and this may open new doors for us. This aids communications with others through publishing as well; another ninth-house concern.

September 9, 2013

This transit will usually bring career concerns to the forefront of your mind. This will aid communications with superiors and may help to lay the foundation for a future promotion from the groundwork you do now.

If you are self-employed, Capricorn, this might be a good time to address the public image aspects of the tenth house through planning advertising campaigns to increase business.

This is also a good time to scrutinize procedures to increase efficiency, Capricorn, but be careful to avoid the trap of becoming so bogged down in minutiae that you hinder productivity. This is the Virgo characteristic of Mercury's influence that could cause problems at this time. Do not get so mired in details that you miss the brass ring, Capricorn.

Although we may not see the rewards now, this is an excellent time to lay the groundwork and plan for future advancement.


Venus tends to attract things and people to us, Capricorn, and with the transit of the tenth house this could prove to be beneficial in our professional lives. At this time we can more easily gain the support of superiors and this might hold us in good stead for promotion.

Romance might enter the picture through our profession in some way now, Capricorn. With today's climate concerning such incidents, it would be wise to exercise a bit of caution in this regard. This could involve an older or more influential person so be sure you have no ulterior motives where this is concerned.

September 11, 2013

The eleventh house is considered the house of friends, professional organizations, and goals and objectives. With the transit of Venus here, any or all of these areas of our lives may benefit.

We will most likely be in the mood for socializing with friends more now, Capricorn. This could be a good time to attend parties or throw one of our own. Business meetings or conferences will probably be more harmonious at this time as well. Through these associations, as well as through our friends, we may inadvertently find ways to achieve the goals and objectives we have represented in the eleventh house.

This could indicate becoming romantically involved with someone that we had only thought of as a friend before, Capricorn, but now seem to see with new eyes. The same romantic potential could exist with someone we meet through a professional or social organization we belong to, or perhaps while attending a conference of some sort.


This may prove to be a rather explosive transit, at times, for some people. The reason for this is that this is Pluto’s natural house and Pluto is symbolic of transformation. This transformation might take place because of the proclivity of Mars to engender conflict if expressed in a negative manner. This intensity is also increased because Mars is the co-ruler of the sign Scorpio, and Scorpio is the natural sign of the eighth house.

These clashes with others may come into play where any of the eighth-house issues are concerned, Capricorn. Sex, for instance, is an extraordinarily powerful emotional experience and may raise issues buried in our unconscious at this time, as the eighth house is associated with the subconscious/unconscious mind. Examine any conflicts of this sort to be certain you are responding to the present case rather than some issue from the past, Capricorn. In this instance, your partner may be able to aid your transformation and lay the problem to rest.

Jointly-held resources could become a source of conflict, Capricorn, as could the foolish waste of your assets at this time. This could be a time to iron out any difficulties along these lines and to keep spending in check.

Taxes might become an issue, Capricorn, and this does not mean you will have a problem here. This could be a good time to check with advisors to find means to reduce your tax bill legally so that you can keep more of the money you earn.


This transit is beneficial to relationships of all types, including marriage, and it is through these relationships that we learn with this transit. If we should become involved in a new relationship now, it might be with a foreigner, as Jupiter rules the ninth house of foreigners. This could, however, indicate business as well as marriage.

This is a teamwork transit, Capricorn, which is to say at this time we are better off working in harmony with others for a common purpose. The generous spirit of Jupiter aids this through our willingness to help one another.

All our relationships will tend to run smoothly at this time. We will tend to favorably impress others and our own spirit of fairness will likely attract the same from those we deal with. In business, Capricorn, this could be financially profitable, but do not overlook details in contracts. Sometimes with Jupiter we do not want to be bothered with details and this could prove problematic now.

Where intimate relationships are concerned, if we are already involved, this is often an indication of greater harmony between our mate and ourselves. If we should meet someone new now this could indicate a foreigner, but just as often this could prove to be someone that broadens our horizons by changing our viewpoint in some way. Or these people could do this by affording us opportunities in relationships or business.

This could be a good time for public relations campaigns, Capricorn, or for any dealings in court. Also, the open-enemies represented by this house may be more amenable to peace offerings now if we should wish to smooth over difficulties with these people at this time. They tend to realize these offerings come from a spirit of generosity and are more inclined to accept such diplomacy now.


This house was once ruled by Saturn, but now rulership of this house is given to Uranus and Saturn is considered to be the co-ruler.

This is the house of groups; professional organizations, friends, hopes, dreams, goals and objectives. With Saturn's transit here, Capricorn, we might have to align ourselves with others in some way. This may involve more responsibilities in professional organizations, particularly if we were granted more authority when Saturn transited the tenth house. Consequently, we may have to rely more on group efforts to achieve our objectives and share the glory accordingly. This may not be a time of purely personal achievement for most people.

If we have not prepared ourselves properly and failed at our attempts at advancement, this transit may show us that our dreams may not come to fruition as we had hoped and leave little doubt that we must try again. Since Saturn takes so long to transit the chart, for most people this will be a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

Friendships may be a bit strained now and, as always with Saturn transits, this may indicate the end of a relationship. As always, should this prove to be the case, let go of the relationship and move on. Learn what you can from the experience and put it to use in other relationships. This may simply be a case of friends that grew apart during the course of life.

Retrograde July 17 Until December 17, 2013

This transit of Uranus has the potential to be quite unsettling, for some people. This is because of the tendency for this to hit us where we live both literally, in a domestic sense and figuratively, in the psychological sense. We must remain, as with all transits of Uranus, as flexible and open to change as possible. Since the fourth house is one of the houses associated with the subconscious/unconscious mind and our past, this has the prospect of being rather disturbing.

For some individuals, Capricorn, this is a time of changing residence or having to do unexpected repairs on our homes. This is also associated with the endings of relationships as Uranus calls for freedom and we are possibly unable to salvage an existing relationship. Although the eighth house is associated with death, the fourth house is related to our final resting place in the earth. Accordingly, in more extreme cases, this could symbolize the loss of a loved one through death.

This is most probably a time of internal turmoil for some people as what is buried in our unconscious tries to boil its way to the surface. As with all transits of Uranus, we should not try to avoid what is trying to break through. To do so will, in all likelihood, only make the tension worse. Instead, try to get in touch with the changes you need to make now, and in this way these changes will be less disruptive. The more we help these changes the less traumatic they will tend to be. This may be a troubling time, but if dealt with properly can also become a time of great liberation.


This is a favorable time to observe the changes in the world around you and to assess the impact these changes may have upon you on a personal level. This period of review may help you to adjust your course if the changes taking place around you seem to be impeding your progress, or may block it in the future. Observe and plan for now and postpone any changes until Uranus turns direct again.

Retrograde Until November 13, 2013

Neptune's fog-enshrouded confusion usually shows up with this transit in the areas of communications, particularly with neighbors, siblings and other close relatives, our dealings and interactions with others in our everyday environment and even in our thinking processes.

It is particularly important, Capricorn, to be as clear as possible in our communications to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Also, any business or contract negotiations have to be scrutinized carefully to avoid misunderstandings as well as to avoid being swindled, which may always be a possibility with a Neptune transit.

On a more personal level, Capricorn, our thinking processes may undergo a transformation of sorts and we may begin to question the ultimate purpose of our being and how this links us to the collective of humanity. The deeper questions of our existence may come into our consciousness and we may change our entire attitude toward life, and our direction in life, as a result of the questions surfacing in our minds now.

This transit may have a powerful influence on some individuals where creativity is concerned. This may open doorways to possibilities in this regard that were previously unknown to us, or ignored by us as being too impractical. However, Capricorn, be aware of the line between creativity and self-delusion. The latter may come into play at this time, too.


This is a time when we are advised to try to tune into our unconscious mind and examine what we find lying there. Assess your fears or any illusions you may be laboring under and try to ground them in reality in order to deal with them more effectively. Anything that leaves us feeling we are in a state of confusion should be dealt with also. Assess also if this may be connected to what is going on in the world around you.

Endeavor to use your energy in a positive and productive manner and avoid escapism of any sort. Although Neptune is nebulous, we need to strive for clarity now in order to keep from deceiving ourselves and to deal with any issues confronting us in a practical manner.

Retrograde Until September 20, 2013

When Pluto transits the first house, it is our personality that seems to undergo transformation. This is true in the sense that our underlying motivations, as to how we present ourselves to the world, are open for examination. We can now transform how we present ourselves to the world by dealing with these impulses, often driven by material stored in our subconscious/unconscious mind.

This transit gives us the opportunity to be more authentically ourselves and to exercise a bit more conscious control over how we project ourselves onto the world. This can be a favorable time to divest ourselves of unwanted baggage that may be hampering our desires in life. We can bring more conscious control onto how we come across to others rather than being so strongly influenced by unconscious motivations.

This may indicate a time of clashes with others, Capricorn, and this may be particularly true if we try to control others now. We should stand up for ourselves when necessary, but we should always keep in mind that the only person we can truly control is ourselves. Also, we may clash with others now if they are uncomfortable with this transformation we are undergoing. Changes of this type can make others uneasy because it may appear that you are changing into another person and they are uncertain of how to deal with this new you.

You will be far more inclined now to examine yourself, other people, and your interactions with them on a far deeper level than you ever have before. Just keep in mind that this is your transformation, Capricorn, and you should not foist these changes onto others just to suit yourself.


As usual with any retrograde planetary motion, this is a time to step back and review our endeavors and to reassess what direction we are taking and just what it is we wish to accomplish. This is a favorable time to evaluate our progress toward our goals, but also to determine how these objectives may benefit others as well. We need to become aware of how we not only influence our own lives, but the lives of others, too.

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