September 21 – October 22
Solar Chart House Transits
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Libra reading and planetary transits for
the week of September 1, 2013.


The eleventh house contains friends, professional organizations, and our hopes, wishes and goals in life. With the Moon transiting the eleventh house we may find our emotions coming into play in any of these areas. As always, Libra, watch for inappropriate emotional responses and, as with all transits of the Moon, this could be an indication of females or at least one woman playing a larger role in this area now.

This could be a time of connecting with friends on a deeper level, Libra, and further strengthening the bonds between us. It could also indicate a time when we are apt to examine our goals, dreams and objectives to find how to better make these dreams a reality, or to determine if they are unrealistic after all.

In any of these areas, Libra, as with all lunar transits, we should watch for emotional responses that stem from our past and may have little to do with the present situation. This will almost guarantee an inappropriate response to the present moment. If this should be the case, do not despair, Libra. As with all transits of the Moon, this can give us a window into the past so that we can adjust our behavior and responses to the present moment and free ourselves from negative response patterns.

September 4, 2013

When the Moon transits the twelfth house we may feel a bit uneasy and the reason for this can actually be quite beneficial if we take advantage of it. The twelfth is one of the houses that symbolizes the subconscious/unconscious mind as well as where we find characteristics about ourselves that we tend to repress. Along with the Moon representing the past, this affords us a great opportunity.

This transit can be used for self-examination of all the issues we tend to hide from others as well as ourselves. If we look at these characteristics we can find ways to enable expression of these traits to our benefit and add more to our lives. We probably will not feel very sociable at this time, but that can help us withdraw a bit for the self-examination that can be so beneficial now. Anything we have lurking in our subconscious or try to repress has a tendency to trip us up. With this transit, Libra, we may find what these stumbling blocks are and find more appropriate ways to deal with them.

Relationships with women may be a bit touchy now, Libra, but do not overlook the possibility of a female helping us, in the role of a confidante, to resolve some of these issues we come across here.

September 6, 2013

Whereas the Sun's transit of the first house makes for a healthy self-centeredness and assessment of our own personal goals, the Moon's transit of the first house acts on an emotional level. The Moon's transit of the first house stimulates us to be emotionally connected to friends and loved ones but, Libra, we must be aware of our underlying motives. We can be very sympathetic to the needs of others, but can also be very demanding in an emotional sense. Insecurities may come into play here and make us feel a bit needy or even a bit panicky. We all like having a support system, but we must learn that ultimately our security lies within ourselves.

Be supportive and seek support from others if you feel you need it at this time, Libra, just be sure to balance the scales. Others want the same support when they are in need, too.

September 8, 2013

At this time second house considerations may be tinged with emotion and we may feel much attached to our possessions. But more likely, our possessions and income level may be an attempt to fill some emotional void.

Of course, Libra, no one wants to feel financially destitute, but we should examine the underlying motivation behind spending and acquisition at this time. What do these acquisitions represent to us on an unconscious level? This is not usually a good time to go on an emotional spending spree, but could be good for finding out what it is we are really trying to buy with our spending.

September 11, 2013

When the Moon transits the third house we may expect our communications with others to take on emotional overtones. This may help us to communicate on a deeper feeling level with those close to us. This could be particularly useful in intimate relationships.

Siblings may come into play here, Libra, and if we experience problems we should be sure that these issues do not stem from sibling rivalry from our past. Clear the air, but do so gently if you do experience such difficulties. This does not mean there will be a problem, but you should be aware just in case.

Unconscious habit patterns of response could create a problem if we speak before we think, Libra. This most often shows up in relations with people we have contact with on a regular basis. Sometimes, in these instances, we react on "auto-pilot" and can inadvertently cause friction with those in our daily lives.

September 13, 2013

This indicates a time when we are in "home-body" mode and a time when we may withdraw to our homes to relax or to do some puttering around the house. We can, and should, use this time for self-examination. The fourth house is one of the houses associated with the subconscious/unconscious mind as well as our past – the home we grew up in. This could be an aid to reviewing our past, Libra, and to determine how much influence this still has on us today.

We may not wish to be alone right now, but a little bit of solitude at this time is often beneficial. We do not have to spend all of our time alone, however, as this is also a good time to interact with the family. You will probably want to feel more emotionally connected now.

Since the Moon is connected to habitual behavior and the fourth house is representative of our early home life, this is a good time for self-examination. If we discover problems this is a good time to correct them, so do attempt to set aside some time for yourself, Libra.

This is the Moon's natural house and the natural sign on this house is Cancer. This should remind us that even though we may want to be emotionally connected at this time, we should avoid the negative side of this which is clinging to those we love. People that feel suffocated often have a desire to flee.

The fourth house was traditionally linked to the mother, although some associate this house with the less dominant parent today. So this may indicate a time when we have closer contact with this parent. Although this is a neutral manifestation, it might indicate clearing up a problem from the past or merely a time when we feel a closer bond with this parent.

September 15, 2013

With the Moon transiting the fifth house we are likely to see greater emotional intensity in our intimate relationships. This is fine as long as we remember to avoid becoming overly possessive. Romance may, however, be a rich and rewarding emotional experience for you, Libra. Just be sure to remember that they are your emotions and not your partner's that you are feeling. You may want to check to see if they feel the same way.

The fifth house is also considered the house of children and they may take on even greater significance now as the nurturing qualities of the Moon seek expression. The caution, Libra, is to not be overly-protective to the point of stifling growth.

Artistic/creative self-expression could be a source for emotional outlet at this time. The Moon has been observed to be prominent in the charts of writers. Maybe you want to consider starting that novel you have been thinking about? However, lunar transits are fast so you will need far more indications than this transit to finish the work. But any creative hobby could prove to be an emotionally gratifying outlet at this time.


This is a time, similar to the Sun's transit of the eighth house, when we have an opportunity and should endeavor to examine our subconscious/unconscious mind. This may be a time when we should seek a bit of solitude for self-examination.

The twelfth house is often referred to as the house of secret enemies but, Libra, quite often these enemies are actually parts of our personality that we may have been repressing since childhood. In order to be free of these influences that we adopted, or had thrust upon us by others, we need to bring them into the light for examination so that we may determine if we are placing obstacles in our path without even being aware of what we are doing.

For instance, children often develop defense mechanisms to protect themselves in childhood. When we reach adulthood, however, these same defenses may become stumbling blocks that hold us back. We may avoid relationships for fear of loss, or avoid advancement on our jobs for fear of failure. This is why, Libra, we should examine the issues symbolized by the twelfth house and any placements there to determine how we are impeding our own progress and happiness in life and how we should deal with changing how we deal with these issues in order to have a more rewarding life.

As for secret enemies, Libra, these too may have to do with our own actions. We may send the wrong signals or inadvertently offend others without meaning to, thereby setting them to work against us. Again, Libra, this may stem from behaviors we adopted in our childhood that we are no longer consciously aware of. We should endeavor to be honest and forthright with others, but we owe it to ourselves to give ourselves the same consideration. Examining ourselves in this way can bring the demons out of the closet where they will have no more control over us and will no longer be able to influence our lives negatively.

This often seems to be a depressive time of year for most of us, Libra. If you experience this phenomenon, remember to look within and try to discover what this transit is trying to reveal to you. Also, take heart as this does not last forever and when the Sun crosses the Ascendant your new year, astrologically, will begin again and your mood will definitely improve. Ideally, we should use this time to prepare ourselves for starting our own personal New Year by dealing with the issues of the twelfth house first. In this way, Libra, we can keep these issues from impeding our progress in the upcoming year.


Mercury's transit of the twelfth house may have a similar influence that other twelfth-house transits elicit, and that is feeling a need to withdraw. This should be kept in check to a degree, however.

At this time we may be more in touch with the subconscious/ unconscious mind and this affords us an opportunity for self- examination. Libra, this can help us bring to light any problems that may be causing us difficulties and possibly this would be a good time to talk these things over with a trusted friend or some sort of advisor. It would be advisable to choose the people you discuss these issues with carefully as certain unscrupulous types may want to use these things against us later. So be certain those you choose to confide in are worthy of your trust. Remember, Libra, this house is also, at times, referred to as the house of secret enemies.

This may sometimes make us reluctant to communicate with others, but that may have the unwanted consequence of pushing others away because they do not know where they stand with us. Libra, it is best to be cautious about what you say now, but it is equally important to say what needs to be said.

If you choose to be alone now use this time productively, Libra. This could be a favorable time to study as your solitude will help you to focus on the task at hand. Planning for your future could be beneficial now, Libra, for when Mercury crosses the Ascendant you will begin the cycle again and be more outgoing.

Some people tend to be a bit depressed with twelfth-house transits and this is understandable when we consider the baggage we tend to store here. Remember, however, that these transits do not last forever and this is our way of affording ourselves the opportunity to clean out our closets and get rid of things that may be hampering us so that we can live a more rewarding life if we deal with these issues appropriately.

September 9, 2013

Often with this transit we can more authentically communicate our desires and who we really are. We may tend to be quite focused on personal concerns, but can be very effective in our communications. Should you experience nervousness at this time, Libra, it may be an indication of too much input or a scattering of your energies and you may need to slow down a bit to get a better grip on a given situation and take some time to relax.


This is a good time to make a favorable impression on others and to draw supporters to your side. You may be quite diplomatic now, Libra, and may be able to ease tensions between others. Although we may not feel motivated to actively pursue our own interests now, this may be a good time to rally support for future endeavors.

One word of caution you should be aware of with this transit, Libra, is a tendency to yield to others too readily. We are in a pleasant, peaceful sort of mood now and prefer to avoid conflict. We should, however, be aware that we might undermine our own future position by yielding too much at this time.

September 11, 2013

This is one of Venus' natural houses and as such Venus' energy now may be intensified and act more readily here.

This may be advantageous on a financial level, Libra. Contract negotiations, investments and purchases of art objects could be beneficial now. The only warning with this transit concerns extravagance. We may be far too free with spending now and could deplete our reserves, giving us reason for regret later.

We are often able to draw others to us at this time, Libra, that may be financially beneficial to us. This may also indicate a time when we discover within ourselves some sort of artistic/creative talent, or appreciation for this gift in others.


The eleventh house represents groups, professional organizations, friends, and the hopes, wishes, goals and objectives we have. This is the key for productive use of the energy of Mars at this time.

This is not a good time to go it alone, Libra, for we will, in all likelihood, achieve far more by working in harmony with others. This is not to say that we should abandon our own personal objectives, but that we should align these goals with the purpose of others. This can get us any aid we might need or a different perspective on how to better pursue our own interests. So by being a team player, Libra, we can more easily satisfy the egocentric drive of Mars to achieve our own ends. And keep in mind that achieving our own ends is what Mars is all about. With this transit we would be better off going about it in a more roundabout way. Even socializing with our friends now may hold some hidden benefits.

If we are feeling stress now, a good way to release stress associated with Mars is to be physically active. Exercise or sports would prove to be beneficial now, Libra, and particularly team sports where the group works toward a common goal.


This transit is considered favorable for professional advancement and recognition, but with the usual warning where Jupiter is concerned, and that is we need to keep in mind the propensity to overdo it. In this case, this would include becoming too pushy or expanding beyond our real limitations. In plain words, Libra – do not promise what you cannot deliver.

We should beware of arrogance toward our superiors and colleagues now as this could undermine the potential benefits that we can accrue. This is a time when we can definitely broaden our horizons professionally if we keep ourselves restrained a bit. This transit usually denotes opportunities for professional and public recognition as long as we do not alienate others with our demeanor.

Use this time wisely and your horizons will broaden accordingly, Libra. Refrain from acting as if you are more than you are, but for most people this should not be a problem. Normally, this is a favorable time to receive recognition for your work, both for your present efforts as well as your past endeavors. Give credit to others if they deserve it as Jupiter is associated with being generous. We can garner accolades now far more easily than is the norm as long as we remember to keep a sense of humility in our dealings with others. Foreigners or distant countries may play a role in our careers now.

This is considered the house of the more influential parent in our development, Libra. With this in mind, our relationship with our parents could be quite favorable now and particularly with the parent represented by this house.


During this transit, Libra, second-house issues have the potential to become worrisome to us. The second house is related to material possessions and it is often referred to as the money house. We should, however, keep in mind that on a deeper level the second house is related to our personal values and our inner resources. During this transit we are often distracted by financial concerns and miss the real opportunity of this transit, which is to ask ourselves what we really want.

Finances could prove troublesome now, so it is best for most people not to take any major financial risks at this time as this could lead to difficulties later. For most people, this is a time to set up our finances to run without too much energy on our part. To do otherwise during this transit has the tendency for our finances to get out of control and take over our lives. Some astrologers equate this transit with financial loss, and for some people this may be the case. For most, however, this is a time when we may feel a bit insecure in this regard. But this is likely to be a distraction of sorts and, for most of us, a very effective one.

Ideally we should now be scrutinizing our value system. Do we really want to be in debt up to our eyeballs; because this is what our society tells us is success? Often we chase after things that were instilled in us by others. Now is the time to ask ourselves what is truly important to us as individuals. Pursuing this is how we can add to our security.

Retrograde July 17 Until December 17, 2013

Often this transit proves troublesome for relationships, both personal and business. This can signal that the strains of a troubled relationship become too burdensome and the relation- ship ends. This can, however, signal a time for work on your relationships, and those that are basically sound will weather the storm and improve accordingly.

Uranus transiting through the seventh house merely signals that conditions in your relationships are becoming confining in some way and need to be approached from a new perspective for the benefit, not only of yourself, but for all concerned. If you are stuck in a relationship for fear of the unknown, or financial or emotional dependency, this could prove to be quite troubling for you now, Libra. Listen to your unconscious and examine your needs as well as the needs of others. Failure to do so will increase the strain where relationships are concerned now.

Other seventh house-factors may surface now as well. Open enemies may prove troublesome and your means of dealing with them may need revamping. The lower courts are part of seventh- house issues and legal matters may prove problematic now, too.

One rather positive factor attributed to this transit is the possibility of a new love entering your life at this time. Remember to fly with both feet firmly planted on the ground in this regard as Uranus is not noted for fostering terribly stable relationships; often when the excitement wears off, so does the glow of the new situation. You must endeavor to keep the relationship fresh and exciting for it to last and allow each other individual freedom to maintain these relationships. Often, a new love may signal the demise of an older relation- ship now. There might also be a larger than normal age difference with the participants of such a relationship as well.


This is a favorable time to observe the changes in the world around you and to assess the impact these changes may have upon you on a personal level. This period of review may help you to adjust your course if the changes taking place around you seem to be impeding your progress, or may block it in the future. Observe and plan for now and postpone any changes until Uranus turns direct again.

Retrograde Until November 13, 2013

This is a time when it might be wise to monitor our health more closely than usual, Libra. This does not necessarily mean we will develop a health problem, but we may be more vulnerable at this time. Neptune's favorite escape routes often involve alcohol or substance abuse. If you find yourself in this category, this might be a good time to reevaluate this lifestyle as it could adversely impact your health now.

Neptune is also associated with toxins and poisons. If you work in close proximity to chemicals or substances of this type, be certain adequate precautions are taken to avoid accidental poisoning.

Things may not go too smoothly now on the work front, Libra. This could be due to misunderstandings with employers or co-workers that we may not understand completely. This might also indicate someone working behind the scenes to thwart our efforts and we may be totally clueless about this now.

Neptune is associated with giving to others and with this in mind; efforts on our own behalf may fall short now. This is a favorable transit for those working in the helping professions or for those that do volunteer work. These types of efforts are aided by Neptune now.

This may be a boon for creative work and those working in these fields. It is best if creativity is approached with a feeling of sharing our creations with the world to get the most benefit from these efforts now.


This is a time when we are advised to try to tune into our unconscious mind and examine what we find lying there. Assess your fears or any illusions you may be laboring under and try to ground them in reality in order to deal with them more effectively. Anything that leaves us feeling we are in a state of confusion should be dealt with also. Assess also if this may be connected to what is going on in the world around you.

Endeavor to use your energy in a positive and productive manner and avoid escapism of any sort. Although Neptune is nebulous, we need to strive for clarity now in order to keep from deceiving ourselves and to deal with any issues confronting us in a practical manner.

Retrograde Until September 20, 2013

Pluto's transformative action will now influence our domestic scene and our psychological transformation on an even deeper level now as this house is connected to our past and our subconscious/unconscious mind.

On the domestic front, Libra, we may see a change of residence or perhaps remodeling or work on our homes that may be related to some sort of deterioration. We may also see our family relationships similarly influenced and this could include power clashes that might lead to separation or divorce. Under more extreme circumstances, this might indicate the loss of a loved one through death. As this is one of the parent houses, we might lose a parent now, and particularly the parent represented by the fourth house. This might indicate a clash with the parents and perhaps a power struggle of sorts, but again this is not a certainty. Our relationship with our parents may undergo a deep transformation now, but this could just as easily be a change for the better.

The fourth house is connected to our past, Libra, and often this transit indicates issues stemming from our past that still have a powerful influence over us. These issues may be very disturbing to us, but if so this may be a good time to rid ourselves of them and to put them to rest. If this is difficult to deal with, this may be an appropriate time to seek out professional help as the doorway now to dealing with these issues is open and, although initially painful, we can make great gains in this area now.


As usual with any retrograde planetary motion, this is a time to step back and review our endeavors and to reassess what direction we are taking and just what it is we wish to accomplish. This is a favorable time to evaluate our progress toward our goals, but also to determine how these objectives may benefit others as well. We need to become aware of how we not only influence our own lives, but the lives of others, too.

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