Mercury in Astrology

Mercury rules two signs; Gemini and Virgo, and is the natural ruler of the third and sixth houses. Whatever houses have Gemini and Virgo on the house cusp or contained within will have a connection to this planet's placement house as will the house containing the planetary ruler of the sign this planet is posited in. If, for example, this planet is in the sign, Aries there will be a connection with this house and the house containing Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries.

This planet is positioned in the heavens quite close to the Sun – the closest planet in fact. Actually, the proximity of this planet to the Sun means that if not in the same sign, then it is either in the sign preceding or following the sign of the Sun. Astrologically, this is important because this planet is associated with thought and communication. That is, a good deal about the style (sign) a person communicates with and where a person centers the thoughts and attempts to assimilate this information (house) will be reflected by Mercury’s condition in the chart. However, this planet is reflective and since it is never far from the Sun (our ego) it may act as a filter and show us what our ego (Sun) wishes to see. In this way it can color our perception, much in the manner that our Ascendant has bearing on our view of the world.

The house position of this planet will tell us the area of life that a person’s thoughts quite naturally gravitate to. This is an area that not only arouses our interests, but an area where we will learn a good deal as well. This is also indicative of the area of life where we can bring this planet's power to bear as well as where it is needed. This area may find us quite restless as well as inquisitive, but can confer a degree of versatility. Here we may see Gemini and Virgo at work, as Gemini might be easily distracted whereas Virgo tends to be detail-oriented or constant.

Aspects to this planet in the chart will give us indications of which energies we can incorporate with ease or difficulty, and this will probably include the houses the aspecting planets rule. Easy aspects will be incorporated into our self-image readily, while hard aspects may assume proportions of being thrust upon us.


The characteristics that this planet has a bearing on are how we communicate; how we tend to perceive things and our particular mindset - what we focus our thoughts on. The sign placement of this planet will color our expression and perception. As natural ruler of the third house, it may also have a bearing on relationships with siblings, neighbors and close relatives, excluding the parents unless the fourth/tenth houses or their rulers are involved in some way. On a secondary level, as natural ruler of the signs Gemini and Virgo and thus, natural ruler of the third and sixth houses, Mercury could influence short-distance travel, commerce, our experiences with early education, the type of work we are drawn to and possibly our health. This planet influences physiology by being associated with the nervous system, our senses, dexterity, motor coordination and the respiratory system.

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