Neptune in Astrology

Whereas Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus. The house where it is placed will be connected in some way to the house with Pisces on the cusp or contained within it. There will also be a connection to the house containing the ruling planet of the sign this planet is posited in. Placement in Libra, for instance, would mean a connection between the affairs of this house and the house containing Venus, the ruler of Libra.

This planet's relation to the element of water activates the feeling nature and intuitive processes. This can be benevolent, as expressed in a desire to help others, or be disruptive if we give sway to unbridled passions; depending on how we choose to express these energies. This planet is the natural ruler of the twelfth house and, in the same manner, may symbolize where we yearn to lose ourselves and blend with something greater. For obvious reasons this may also be symbolic of where we may be prone to disappointment and disillusionment.

Neptune and Pisces have often been equated with Christ and this is symbolized through its energy by showing where we may play the role of the martyr or, more positively, be seen as a savior guiding others along the path of life. This can be expressed either way depending upon conditions. This is where we may wish to lose ourselves through love, religion, sacrifice, dedication, etc. In the western world especially, this yearning could be in conflict with the desire for autonomy, leaving the native to grapple with the issue. The means resorted to dealing with this could lead to substance abuse.

In my opinion, this planet generally points out an area where we may be too idealistic. This area is where we are most apt to fool ourselves as well as others, although not necessarily intentionally. This is also indicative of an area where we may be most prone to deception by others. For some people, due to the nebulous nature of this planet, it may simply mean an area of confusion. Trying to catch Neptune may prove to be as elusive as trying to grasp smoke.


Neptune takes approximately 14 years to transit through a sign of the zodiac. As with the other outer planets, its sign position has more of a generational influence than a personal one. This circumstance will be more influential, as with all transpersonal planets, should this particular planet take on a personal significance in the chart.

Neptune is associated with idealism, compassion, sympathy, fantasy, dreams and the unconscious, intuition and psychic tendencies, the imagination, emotions, creativity, illusion, mysticism, spirituality, confusion, escapism, delusion, deceit, self-deception, mystery, sometimes scandal, the martyr/savior complex, sacrifice, renunciation, religious pursuits, seeking the divine and divine love, harmony and unity, dissolution of physical barriers between us and others, a desire to merge with the collective, substance abuse and addictions, and as the higher-octave of Venus, the arts.

It is also associated with disappointment, for due to the high ideals we have in Neptune’s sphere, we often overlook the reality of a given situation and are a bit impractical in these affairs. Obviously, when reality intervenes we may be brought down to earth rather abruptly; and thus, our illusions are shattered, fostering disappointment. This is due to the illusory influence of this planet. It is our, often unrealistic, expectations that lay the groundwork for disillusionment. It is divine-oriented and does not always blend well with the physical reality of the world. Neptune tends to have a dissolving influence on whatever it contacts in the chart, so that while we may yearn for something, it may continually elude us almost as if we were trying to grasp smoke.

The sign position of this planet will affect many millions of people and will often indicate an area or issues that are afflicted with the ideals of a particular generation. This does not, however, indicate that these people will immediately elevate these concerns to a heavenly status and remove all the problems in these issues so that future generations will not have to deal with them. Often, despite the idealism and good intentions, this also indicates areas we are confused or impractical in dealing with. We often fail to take in the realities of dealing with these difficulties, for we are too busy looking through rose-colored glasses and seeing only the good while we dream our dreams and fail to take into consideration the work involved in making those dreams a reality. Thus, on a generational level, we collectively fall short of our ideals and may be prone to disappointment. The house position of Neptune in the chart will pinpoint where these issues are likely to enter our lives on a personal level, if at all.

The house position will also indicate affairs that we are impractical about, where we are prone to self-deception and deceit by others, or where we are a bit confused when it comes to dealing with the affairs of this house. The sign placement will take on more personal significance here as it will color Neptune’s expression and indicate how these problems tend to invade this area of our lives, probably due to our own idealism.

Obviously, Neptune’s influence is not all bad, but we must keep in mind the practical realities of the work involved in order to turn our dreams into concrete reality. Many people frown on “dreamers” and I’m happy to say I’m not one of those critics. Without a dream, man cannot begin to take the initial steps toward achievement. Mankind would not have bestowed upon it the blessings of the creative works of artists long dead, which we still revere today, if it were not for their dreams. If man had not dreamt of flying, would any of us know what an airplane is? Without dreams, would we have been able to put a man on the Moon or pioneer new frontiers in science, medicine and technology? Yes, dreams have their place; and that is, to bring an issue to the attention of the collective in order for that dream to someday be made a reality. In my opinion at least almost every, if not all, the significant achievements of humanity begin with a dream.

A final note links this planet with sacrifice. For instance, the Neptune in Libra generation might have to sacrifice their ideals in the realm of relationships (Libra) as their generation has to reevaluate the reality of human relationships. This, for some, could be a bitter pill to swallow. This may be one way in which it could symbolize sacrifice in the chart of the individual as well. Look to see the sign and house placement as this could indicate what the individual may have to sacrifice in some way.

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